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Verizon Business – Advanced Data Center Phoenix

Verizon’s Phoenix colocation facility is a Verizon advanced data center, and is located in Phoenix, AZ. Verizon offers three types of data centers including standard data center, advanced data center, and premium data center with different set of features and specification under each type of data center. Phoenix data center provides both telco carrier-grade facilities and the […]

ViaWest – Phoenix Data Center

ViaWest’s Phoenix data center is located at 1850 W. Deer Valley Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85027. The data center is located in the lowest possible seismic zone of zero. The customer can also benefit from a statewide business personal property tax exemption. The Phoenix data center offers flexible colocation space options available in half and full cabinet […]

PhoenixNAP – Phoenix Data Center

The PhoenixNAP’s Phoenix data center is located at 3402 E University Dr. Phoenix, AZ. The data center is a short 5 minute drive from Sky Harbor International Airport and is located in an area that is not prone to natural disasters or catastrophes. This make it an ideal location that is well suited for disaster recovery and […]

365 Main – Phoenix Data Center PX1

365 Main Phoenix PX1 data center is located at 3110 N Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85013. The data center is a reliable infrastrcuture, and sits on hospital grid; given priority power. The data center offers half and full cabinet colocation, locked cabinets in shared space environment, caged space, and private suite colocation space. The data center is […]

American Internet Services (AIS) – Phoenix Van Buren (VBDC)

American Internet Services (AIS) Phoenix (VBDC) data center is located at 120 East Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ 85004. The data center is located in downtown Phoenix and provides enterprise colocation and cloud services. Positioned in low risk area of natural disasters, Van Buren provides a strategic location for disaster recovery amongst AIS network of data centers. The […]

Colo@ – Phoenix Data Center

The Phoenix data center is located at 3402 East University Drive. The data center is a state of the art facility with secure, fast, reliable, and calculable infrastructure. The data center is fed by 40 MW diverse power feeds and power failure is protected by redundant 20 MW UPS system, and an immediate transfer of […]

Zayo – Phoenix Data Center

Zayo’s Phoenix data center is located at 3110 N Central Ave, Suite 151, Phoenix, AZ 85012. The facility is located at Park Central in the historic uptown/downtown corridors of Phoenix, and conveniently accessed through Interstates 17 and 10, within 3 miles of Hwy 51, and an easy 10 minutes commute from Sky Harbor airport. The […]

Internap – Phoenix Data Center (PHX004)

Internap’s Phoenix data center (PHX004) is located at 2121 South Price Road, Chandler, AZ 85248. The data center is located 24 miles from Phoenix, and 18 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor international airport. The data center has 25 MPH wind rating, and secured receiving area designated for customer equipment. Internap has aligned with Digital Realty Trust to provide secure and well […]

Involta – Tucson Data Center

Involta’s Tucson data center is located at 1215 East Pennsylvania Street, Tucson, AZ 85702. The data center is high density reinforced concrete structure. The data center is a Tier III infrastructure facility. The data center offers third, half, and full cabinet colocation, locked cabinets, and customized caged space. The data center has undergone industry standard external and […]

Level 3 Communications – Phoenix Data Center

Level 3’s Phoenix data center is located at 811 South Sixteenth Street  Phoenix, AZ 85034. The data center is zone 2 seismic code construction, and offers clear height of 9 feet and 6 inches. Phoenix data center offers 1U, half and full cabinets colocation, and private suite colocation space. The facility provides 47,836 square feet of […]

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